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PHP - reverseWords from String - Solution


We need to write code in PHP where the Input will be passed to us in String and we have to reverse the order of the words.

Input- I am Developer
Output- Developer am I

Problem Statement:
Write a function reverseWords() that takes a message as a string and reverses the order of the words in place

A solution in PHP:

function reverseWords($message){    return implode(' ', array_reverse( str_word_count( $message, 1)));}

In the above solution, we have taken simple inbuilt functions of PHP.

str_word_count – It returns information about words used in a string, when using with the second param as 1 we will get an array containing all the words found inside the input string.

array_reverse – It returns an array with elements in reverse order

implode – It joins array elements with a string 

Keep Coding and Keep Smiling 🙂 

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